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Kellie Sparkman
Kellie Sparkman - C.P.M., L.M.
(702) 399-8380

I was a V-BAC baby in 1959! I have also attended over 1100 births in the home, filed birth certificates as primary attendant for 882 births as of September, 4th 2016.

  • 23 V-Bacs
  • 29 Advanced Maternal Age ( 37 years or older )
  • 4  Sets of Twins
  • 2  Face Presentations

I started research into home birth during my first pregnancy in 1980. In 1985, I was accredited a Leader for La Leche League International. An organization that promotes breast-feeding worldwide. My responsibilities included leading topical meetings, taking phone calls from mothers who had questions about baby care and breast-feeding and keeping a log of calls. I helped with organization meetings, and ran the group library. I had the opportunity to speak firsthand with mothers / families about birth and child-rearing. I had to be familiar with information sheets on nutrition, medical problems, medications, and other topics written especially for La Leche League by experts in many fields. La Leche League International Area Conference May 1987 in La Miranda, CA.

Speakers included:

    William Sears, MD, FAAP
    Paul Fleiss, MD, MPH, FAAP
    Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP
    Lendon Smith, MD.

Prenatal and birth care services …

We believe in using the least invasive forms to diagnose except where there is clear indication. We emphasize nutrition as the foundation of good care. We participate in continuing education, peer review, and current OSHA guidelines. Prenatal services include complete series of childbirth education classes. We aim to support train inform families regarding normal birth. Home visits to assess pregnancy. In home birth and after birth care. Referral when necessary. Information on treatment/procedure/risks/benefits and alternatives.

Last Updated: February 09, 2018